Joy Orbison – Essential Mix

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Tom Ellard - Anthem 82 [Vinyl-on-demand]
[unknown] - Untitled [White Label]
[unknown] - Untitled [White Label]
Lady Blacktronika Presents Bailey Jemille - Gettin’ Heavy (Jordan Fields Re-Edit) [Sound Black Recordings]
[unknown] - Untitled [White Label]
Jeremy Greenspan - But Wait There’s More [Hinge Finger]
Caltrop - Lenny [W.T. Records]
James Blake - Untitled [1-800 Dinosaur]
Bruce - Not Stochastic [Hessle Audio]
Austin Cesear - The Groove [Public Information]
Jackson Lee - Persistence [Mystical Disco]
Microworld - Big Band [Styrax Leaves]
Jackson Lee - Three Mile Island [Mystical Disco]
Kowton - Glock & Roll [White Label]
The KVB - I Only See The Lights (Shifted Version) [Cititrax]
Gadi Mizrahi - I’ll Set Your House [Wolf + Lamb Records]
Tames - Squeeze [Galdoors]
Percussions - No Swimming Class [White Label]
Barnt - Under His Own Name But Also As Sir [Hinge Finger]
Barnt - Chappell [Hinge Finger]
Detromental - Rewind [Rave]
[unknown] - Untitled [White Label]
Joy Orbison - Zoo Talking [White Label]
Morgan Packard - La Pura Vida [Modular Cowboy]
Boddika - In Here [SunkLo]
Voiski - Every Cloud Collision [Syncrophone Records]
Merle - Fannie Likes 2 Dance [Christabel Records]
Endian - Untitled [White Label]
Four Tet - Buchla (Seven Davis Jr. Remix) [Text]
Mike Ink - Playing With Knives [Kompakt]
Roman Flügel - Pattern 7 [Ongaku Musik]
Pearson Sound - Thaw Cycle [White Label]
Front 242 - Body 2 Body (2 Trax) (Edit) [New Dance]
Smith ‘N’ Hack - Falling Stars [Smith N Hack]

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Sad alienface tree (at Avenue House)

#streetart #shoreditch #nofilter (at Hoxton Gallery)


Appearance Of Crosses by Ding Li

Continual painting series by Shanghai artist creates abstract colourful grids using the cross as his motif mark unit. He has been making these paintings for 20 years and is considered one of the most important abstract artists working in China today.

More can be discovered at ShangART Gallery website here


Beijing-based artist Ren Ri bases his work around the relationship between humans and nature. He collaborates with honeybees to create beautifully peculiar sculptures made out of beeswax.


Andrew Ohlmann, Symmetry series, 2011, images posted with the permission of the artist.


An Urban Flowerbox

The Jianianhua Center in China defines a new kind of civic landmark, one that establishes a meaning and presence through an innovative integration of architecture and graphic design. Through the unexpected application of common billboard technology, a glass volume is transformed into dynamic architecture. Learn more


Jean-Paul Cattin Designers block

artist on tumblr

An old house located in East-London. A place taken over by artists and designers. Their contemporary creations, sometimes sober and functional are melting up with the old walls of the house, where several layers of paintings betray the time passing. A spatial evading in these cracks and drips.

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It’s what’s for dinner, Peter Kaaden